MIPS 指令集正式开源

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MIPS 指令集正式开源

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MIPS 所属公司 Wave Computing 官网上已经提供了 MIPS 开源相关的指令集与工具,包括 32/64 位的 MIPS R6 指令集、MIPS SIMD 扩展、MIPS DSP 扩展、MIPS Multi-Threading (MT)、MIPS MCU、microMIPS Architecture、MIPS Virtualization (VZ) 虚拟化等。详情可以到官网查看。以下部分摘录:
MIPS Open™

The MIPS Open initiative will make an open source version of the MIPS 32 and 64-bit Instruction Set Architectures (ISA) freely available to developers, partners and customers with the goal of inspiring novel approaches to system on chip (SoC) designs. Opening the MIPS ISA and expanding its surrounding ecosystem will turbo-charge advancement of the MIPS architecture by leveraging the power of the community to modernize and deliver high-performance, multithreaded, MIPS-based solutions. The resulting solutions can be embedded in a broad set of edge applications such as home automation systems, IoT devices and FuSA enabled autonomous vehicles.

The MIPS ISA represents 35-years of established and robust innovation in silicon-proven RISC core. To date, over 8.5B MIPS-based chips have shipped with a current run rate of over a billion a year. Additional details regarding the MIPS Open initiative and community will be shared in Q1 2019.



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