Running OpenBSD on Azure


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Running OpenBSD on Azure

帖子 acheng » 2017-06-29 12:55

Kylie Liang Senior Program Manager, Open Source @ Microsoft Azure

As you know, Microsoft has officially supported FreeBSD virtual machine (VM) running on Azure since 2014 and last year Microsoft announced the availability of FreeBSD 10.3 as a ready-made VM image in the Azure Marketplace. Now if you go to Azure Marketplace, you also will see FreeBSD 11 VM and pfsense offering there too.

Today we are happy to share you that Azure supports OpenBSD 6.1 with the collaboration effort from Esdenera and Microsoft. Meanwhile Esdenera brings their firewall product based on OpenBSD on board Azure Marketplace now.
Esdenera 是OpenBSD开发者Reyk (reyk@) Flöter的公司。 ... at&count=2 ... -on-azure/ ... _to_azure/



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